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Hello Carbot is a Sokokong produced toyline and animated series that debut in late 2014.

The series premiered on August 2, 2014.

This show is going to be first broadcasted in the United States in 2021 by Choirock Contents Factory, Studio Baba and Ocean Group.

Plot overview[]

The series revolves around a young boy named Chatan (차탄), who finds a oddly-decorated Rubik's Cube that when solved, will summon talking cars that can turn into robots known as carbots. With their help, Chatan usually tries to finish impossible tasks, foil villainous plots, prevent disasters and complete daily chores, all while trying to keep the carbots' existence a secret, though whenever he unsolves the cube, the carbots will be recalled. Villains were later added for storylines in the cartoon.

In season 2, new carbots were introduced and the cube was upgraded into a watch that could summon the carbots when the screen is twisted after inserting a chip with the desired carbot's image. It also introduced carbots with beastial transformations and multiple forms. The premiere debuted talking peng, an anthropomorphic penguin that hangs out with Chatan and takes part in his adventures.

Season 3 introduced carbots that have independent minds but lack individual robot modes, only a larger combined form. It also introduced a comic relief carbot, a ninja-like carbot, and King Guys, the first carbot to solely transform into animals. The watch also gained the ability to manifest portals to any destination: including outer space.

Season 4 continued season 3's combiner trend, but this time, added 2 sets of combining carbots that combine once again into a larger form. The 2 sets includes one large carbot and one smaller carbot in each group, and unlike past combined carbots, the components remained unaltered and retain individual robot forms.

In season 5, the watch was updated for the carbot chips (now summoned by calling out the desired carbot's name into a carry case) to manifest as cubes that need to be solved for the chips to form. The watch can now shrink the carbots to toy size for indoor scenes. The last season's combiner style was also tweaked: the larger units of the set no longer have robot modes and require the smaller ones to complete it. Smaller carbots were added to enhance the larger robot, and 2 new systems were introduced: In the first, 2 cars collide with each other to form the robot mode via electro-magnetism. Season 3's method was now recycled with both being the same size, but the two components form either the torso, arms and head or the legs, both being interchangable. This season also retired talking peng, and was the second-longest season of the series' history, running for 52 episodes as opposed to 26.

Season 6 introduced carbots with smaller robotic crew and a pair of robots that combine by form everything above or below the waist. Unlike prior combiners, the individual robots only form a portion of the full vehicle. This season also introduced Talking Peng's replacement: Talking Ong.

Season 7, under the rebrand Hello Carbot Universe, introduced more gimmick-littered carbots and reintroduced season 5's magnetic fusions and the last season's robot crews. A new assortment continued to arrive, including carbot crews and a carbot that doesn't transform, instead a crew bot merging with a larger body which is armored with another vehicle. It is the third-longest season of the show's history, running for 38 episodes.

Season 8 continued with the pattern and the watch was updated to have cubes put in to summon carbots and provide them with a power boost. New assortments continued flooding in, all continuing under the Universe branding.

Season 9, now under the new Pentastorm X Returns branding, features carbots that are small cars forming the core of larger carbot frames. This season also sees the return of original carbots Ace, Sky, Dandy, Pron and Storm, who have been given new X upgrades and can combine into a newly enhanced Pentastorm. Season 9 also saw an animation update, with the animation style transitioning to that of the movies from it's eighth episode onwards.

Season 10 was rebranded as Hello Carbot Bang, and features a slew of small vehicles that unite into various combinations. Some carbots originally meant to debut in the last season were eventually moved to debut in this season, joining the new lineup of the series. Late into the season, older carbots made several comeback appearances and now have the ability to transition into a golden form for extra power.

Season 11 debuted under the Hello Carbot Samba rebrand, and features carbots that split into humanoid frames and robotic animals which combine into a powered up robot or a complete vehicle.


  • Chatan: A first grader in elementary school, rich in imagination and filled with a sense of justice. A hero who has great, surprising adventures while meeting carbots. His only friend was his spotted dog because of his busy parents. But one day, he meets the funny, whimsical carbots and brightens, having great, surprising adventures.(Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Debi Derryberry)
  • Jeon Dahae: Chatan's mother is qualified and talented and dreams of being a "superwomen", but often messes up because she rushes too much and is really just an ordinary "woman". Still, she's cute and pretty and you can't hate her... yet she makes herself very intimidating when stern. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Eliza J. Schneider).
  • Cha San: Chatan's father is the busiest detective at the police station. Somewhat clumsy and acrophobic, but a kind father who acts bravely for his family, though at times he can be selfish and lazy. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Rob Lowe)
  • Janggun: A big strong boy in Chatan's class. He is often jealous of Chatan and Suji's closeness and tries to cause them even more trouble, but the tide turns when the carbots appear. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Rob Paulsen)
  • Suji: Chatan's best friend since Kindergerten. She is gentle and kind to those around her, but stands up to Janggun more than anyone who annoys Chatan. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Tara Strong)
  • Mona: A mischievous girl in Chatan's class. A friend who often gets along with Chatan. She secretly likes him, but he is only close to Suji. Mona will do anything to split them up, and often teams up with Janggun to do so. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Carolyn Lawrence)
  • The Reporters: Chatan's city has 2 news reporters that report daily events throughout the day. The first reporter was male and wore glasses, appearing from the first to fifth seasons. The younger and more youthful female was originally a celebrity in her debut and never wore glasses, but eventually replaced the male reporter in season 6, appearing to this day. (Korean voice actors: TBA) (English voice actors: Glen Glomez and Elizabeth Banks)

Main Villains[]

The most recurring villains are a growing group of humans who mainly delight in petty crimes or other schemes. The males tend to wear colored shorts and white hoodies with stripes in their accent colors, while the females typically sport black catsuits with stripes in their accent colors.

  • S-Line: The first of the recurring villains, with a higher-pitched voice and a thin body compared to his abnormally large head. He wears white sneakers and pinkish patterned shorts. S-Line is usually the leader of the villains, but he is a follower if need be. Accented in red, S-Line has a jetpack and his main weapon is a ray gun that grows and/or mutates what he targets. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Matt Hill)
  • T-Line: The second of the recurring villains, with a lower-pitched voice and a domino mask, buck tooth and larger nose with visible nostrils. T-Line is argumentative and is one of the more theft-minded of the group. Accented in blue, T-Line debuts one of the key villain tools in the franchise's history: a blue and white truck that has a robot extending from the back for combat against the carbots. These robots consistently differ in design, weapons and abilities, but share three basic skeletons. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Lee Tockar)
  • G-Line: The third of the recurring villains, with a more adult-like voice and a muscular upper body compared to S-line and T-Line. G-Line typically goes for unorthodox plans and has mystical plots in his head, which usually backfire or inevitably fail. Accented in yellow, G-Line is armed with red and gold tickets that track their target and freeze them among other effects (controlling them, exploding on them or making them uncontrollably fart). The tickets can merge into a flying carpet for him to ride, but he also makes use of other ancient artifacts. Unlike S-Line or T-Line, he doesn't wear a cape. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Don Brown)
  • M-Line: The fourth of the recurring villains, and the first and most-recurring of the female villains. She wears her hair in a ponytail tied with a large green bow and wears a domino mask. M-Line is very feminine in behavior, and is very vain and flirtatious at times. Accented in green, M-Line mainly does her work with high-tech gadgets and other tools, namely giant drones and a large robotic octopus. She also hacks into several existing systems, and uses a large double-armed excavator in a number of her schemes. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Grey DeLisle)
  • Q-Line: The fifth of the recurring villains, and the second and least-recurring of the female villains. She wears her hair in twin buns and has white gloves and boots as opposed to black. She also uses a cane and her catsuit lacks the thinner accent lines, while she also stands as the shortest villain. Q-Line is very demanding and abusive, and one of the more arrogant villains of her group. Accented in purple, Q-Line has her own group of henchman and a specialized truck that is significantly more advanced than the standard truckbot carrier. (Korean voice actor: Rebecca Choichet)
  • E-Line: The sixth of the recurring villains, and the third and second-most-recurring of the female villains. She wears her hair in a mullet. E-Line is slightly more egotistical than M-Line, who she often works alongside as a sisterly rival figure. Accented in orange, E-Line is known for her preference for electric-based weapons, namely a backpack that allows to use super speed and project lightning bolts and a giant robot that shares her abilities. (Korean voice actor: Ashleigh Ball)
  • The Mysterious Cloaked Man: A man who wears nothing but black and has a face mask to further conceal his identity. The man specializes with actual sorcery, making him one of the more dangerous villains the carbots have ever faced. He is referred to as the Black Wizard by Chatan and the carbots. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Andrew Francis)


For the purposes of this wiki, the following carbots are listed from their origination in the true series only, disregarding the spinoffs and theatrical films.

Season 1[]

  • Hawk: A blue 2014 Hyundai Azera Granduer. He was the second carbot summoned by Chatan, and has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. Compared to Ace, Hawk is egotistical and sharp-tongued, and had a fierce rivalry with Ace before it was settled by Chatan... Only to start a new one with Ready. Aside from projecting a tornado from his chest grill, Hawk can scan with eye beams, and is the first carbot to go underwater. He also has laser eyes. Hawk was the only carbot of the original five not to combine with Storm. He is voiced by David Kaye in the english dub.
  • Pentastorm: The combined form of Storm and Ace, Pron, Sky and Dandy in their emergency gear. The strongest carbot at the time of his introduction, Pentastorm was capable of generating electromagnetic forcefields and magnetic waves, and could use Sky's adhesive and Pron's laser finger. Pentastorm could also fire staples from Pron's grill. He returns in Season 9 as Pentastorm X, an upgraded version featuring more weapons, a handheld ax among them.
    • Storm: A navy blue 2014 Hyundai Xcient P540 dump truck. He was the sixth carbot summoned by Chatan, and as a part of Pentastorm has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. Storm is brave and commanding, often acting as leader to most carbots. Storm lacks any form of offensive abilities, but can combine with Ace, Sky, Pron and Dandy in their emergency forms as Pentastorm, forming the torso. He returns in Season 9 in an upgraded version known as Storm X, and now transforms into a freelanced dump truck. The upgraded Storm X features a handheld sword that forms the handle of the ax of Pentastorm X, while he also has wings that form a shield for Storm X. He is voiced by Mike Reynolds in the english dub.
    • Ace: A red 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. He was the first carbot summoned by Chatan, and has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. Ace is determined and proud, especially of his strength. Ace had a fierce rivalry with Hawk before it was settled by Chatan. Aside from launching his tires as projectiles, Ace can change into a fire department branded version of his car mode, and gains a water cannon on his shoulder in robot mode. In his fire fighting gear, Ace can combine as the left foot of Pentastorm. He returns in Season 9 in an upgraded version known as Ace Fire X, and now transforms into a freelanced firefighting SUV. Ace X retains the original Ace Rescue's abilities and water cannon, though the latter is handheld rather than shoulder-mounted. He is voiced by Garry Chalk in the english dub.
    • Pron: A yellow 2014 Hyundai Avante Elantra. He was the third carbot summoned by Chatan, and as a part of Pentastorm has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. Pron is cocky and proud, often slipping bits of spanish in his speeches. Aside from firing a laser from his finger, Pron can change into a police branded version of his car mode, and in this form can combine as the right forearm of Pentastorm. He returns in Season 9 in an upgraded version known as Pron Police X, and now transforms into a freelanced police car. Pron X has the ability to restore disabled technology in vehicle mode, and wields a nightstick that doubles as a taser. Pron's original police car animation model has been cloned many times as generic police cars. (Korean voice actor: Sang-Hyun Eom) (English voice actor: Brad Swaile)
    • Dandy: A white 2014 Hyundai Grand Starex. He was the fourth carbot summoned by Chatan, and as a part of Pentastorm has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. Dandy is gruff and full of justice, and often ends his sentences in grunts. While he lancks any weapons, Dandy possesses immense strength and can change into an ambulance version of his car mode, and in this form is armed with missile in his shoulders and can combine as the jetpack and right foot of Pentastorm. He returns in Season 9 in an upgraded version known as Dandy Ambulance X, and now transforms into a freelanced ambulance. Dandy's original ambulance render was cloned as generics, but was also recolored for airport ambulances. (Korean voice actor: Bokhyun Han) (English voice actor: Scott McNeil)
    • Sky: A orange 2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. She was the fifth carbot summoned by Chatan, and as a part of Pentastorm has been one of the flagship characters of the franchise. The first female carbot, Sky is stringent and partially ignorant, but loosens up as the series progresses. Aside from carrying a blaster that shoots adhesive pellets, Sky can change into a SWAT branded version of her car mode, and in this form can combine as the left forearm of Pentastorm. She returns in Season 9 in an upgraded version known as Sky SWAT X, and now transforms into a freelanced armored SWAT vehicle. She now uses a set of missile launchers with an upgraded version of her past rifle. (Korean voice actor: Cho Hyun-jung) (English voice actor: Kelly Sheridan)

Season 2[]

  • True: A red SUV who first appears out of nowhere at the start of Season 2. True was the first animistic carbot, transforming into a robotic wolf rather than a humanoid. Due to this, he communicates in growls instead of verbal speeches. True later gains the ability to change into a police branded version of his car mode.
  • Born: A green 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. He was the first carbot in season 2 summoned by Chatan, and is sometimes known as "Spy Born", due to his numerous gadgets and abilities and his advanced agility, plus his posh mannerisms. He was the only carbot to not combine Road Saver, and has a tendency to blow out black smoke on a countdown. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Daran Norris)
  • Road Saver: The combined form of Saver and Meister and Arty in their taxi colors. Aside from a humanoid titan, Road Saver can also form as an armored bear. Road Saver can project energy shields while retaining Saber's chest beam, though in both forms, he mainly uses hand-to-hand combat techniques. Road Saver's main finisher involves striking the enemy with energy blasts from the blasters in his feet (which end up on his back in his bear form).
    • Saver: A blue 2015 Hyundai Super Aero City. He was the seventh carbot in season 2 summond by Chatan, and can change into a bear as well as a humanoid robot. Saver usually changes into a bear when enraged or sufficiently annoyed, and is unable to transform into a bear at will. (Korean voice actor: Ho-Seop Won) (English voice actor: Bill Fagerbake)
    • Arty: A white 2015 Hyundai Sonata. He was the second carbot in season 2 summoned by Chatan. He speaks in honorific warrior tones and is a skilled combatant with his left arm shield. Arty can change into an orange Taxi branded version of his car mode and forms the right set of armor for Road Saver in this coloration.(Korean voice actor: Jaeheon Jung) (English voice actor: Bill Newton)
    • Meister: A red 1980 Hyundai Pony. He was the third carbot in season 2 summoned by Chatan, and is the oldest Carbot known to all. Meister wields a walking stick/club weapon and serves as advisor and coach to younger carbots. He can change into a green taxi version of his car mode, and forms the left set of armor for Road Saver in this coloration. (Korean voice actor: Nomin) (English voice actor: Corey Burton)
  • Knight, Luke and Pon: A trio of carbots that were the fourth, fifth and sixth carbots in Season 2 summoned by Chatan, and act like Japanese Ninjas. The three of them are known as the three musketeers, Pon being an orange sports car, Knight being a red 2013 Lamborghini Veneno, and Luke being a stockier blue police car. (Korean voice actors: Kim Doo-yong, Kim-Sang baek and Lim Jung-gil) (English voice actors: Jeff Bergman, Jess Harnell and Josh Duhmall)

Season 3[]

  • Mighty Guard: The combined form of Help, Cure, Ready and Guard. Armed with a water cannon that also fires foam, a gas launcher and claw, Mighty Guard wields a sword formed from Help's rotors and has missile launchers on his legs that fire foam torpedoes. Help's rotors can also attach to his back, allowing him to fly without using the rocket boosters standard on most carbots. Unlike Pentastorm or Road Saver, Mighty Guard's components lack individual robot forms. He is the first carbot to have a distinctively humanoid face, complete with a nose and mouth, though these are static rather than expressive.
    • Ready: A small fire chief's car that is similar to Ace's fire-truck mode that forms the right arm on Mighty Guard. Ready's attitude reaches between sensible, jolly and cocky, allowing him start an intense rivalry with Hawk. He serves as the leading authority of his group. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor Lee Tockar)
    • Cure: A small ambulance that is similar to Dandy's ambulance mode that forms the Left arm on Mighty Guard. Cure has a zen-like personality and focuses on the task at hand and beyond. He serves as a reasoning balance for Ready's cockiness. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Reece Thompson)
    • Help: A red and white helicopter that forms the chest and shoulders of Mighty Guard. Help is usually soft spoken, and is usually very calm in most scenarios. He controls most on Mighty Gaurd's flight functions, and on his own can airlift patients and extinguish fires with his side-mounted water cannons.(Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Keith Diamond)
    • Guard: A big yellow turntable ladder truck that forms the head, torso and legs on Mighty Guard. Guard is the largest and gruffest member of the team, and his ladder allows him to reach over tall flames. Guard's ladder form's Mighty Guard's water cannon, while he also houses the launchers for his foam torpedoes. Much like Pron, Guard's animation model was cloned as generic fire trucks, though the duplicates were colored red instead of yellow. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Alvin Sanders)
  • Ugaba: A futuristic sports car with a gorilla-like robot form. Ugaba has limited vocabulary, and can only speak by saying the first 2 syllables of his name. While good-hearted as any carbot, Ugaba typically prefers pulling pranks on Chatan and other carbots. His shoulders contain three launch tubes each, and while they can fire a wide variety of ammunition, they commonly launch gift boxes, the most common ones being exploding presents. Due to his prankster habits and goofy ape-like behavior, Ugaba more often than not acts as comic-relief in the episodes featuring him. Ugaba would later adopt a military green paint job for a few episodes, and in this coloration he becomes much more competent and extremely soldier-like in behavior, though he'll often drop it when he gets the chance to pull a prank. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Clancy Brown)
  • K-Cops: The combined form of Speed, Thunder, Turbo and Cops. K-Cops specializes in infiltration tactics in a method comparatively different than that of carbot spy Born, in that unlike other carbots, he and his components can change their size at will, allowing them to travel in spaces too small for a standard carbot. K-Cops also possesses weapons in the form of a shoulder-mounted boomerang (that can transform into a sword), a gas blaster, an arm-mounted shield, and a nightstick that can produce electric shocks. Like Mighty Guard, the components of K-Cops don't have separate robot forms.
    • Speed: A small police SUV that is similar to Pron's police car mode that forms the Left arm of K-Cops. His animation rig was tweaked from Ready, but with Cure's nozzles and hand in arm mode to act as gas blasters. Speed is the most level-headed on his unit, often giving the commands and acting in charge. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Doron Bell Jr)
    • Thunder: A police helicopter that forms the back, shoulders and head of K-Cops. Thunder often announces in a loud and proud air of grandeur, and can fire an electric beam from his nosecone. Thunder's model was tweaked from Help, reorienting his combined mode position and shifting his rotors into a shoulder-mounted boomerang. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Brent Miller)
    • Turbo: A small SWAT APC that is similar to Sky's SWAT mode that forms the right arm of K-Cops. Turbo speaks in a booming voice with hints of brashness, and is typically eager to to deliver justice. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Ian Hanlin)
    • Cops: A big police bus that forms the torso and legs on K-Cops. The largest member of the group, Cops is cheery and quiet, following along the lines of a good cop in the "good-cop, bad-cop" routine of interrogation. The animation model for Cops was tweaked from Saver's vehicle mode, while parts of Guard were altered for his combined configuration. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Brett Bauer)
  • Goldrex: A orange dune buggy that has the robot form of a dragon. He can sustain flight for longer than the other Carbots (and their rocket boosters), and as dragons do he breathes fireballs. Goldrex can also change into a fire rescue version of his car mode, and in this form his fire breath is replaced with the ability to breath blizzard-level snowstorms. He mainly speaks in extended growls, but his vocabulary is larger than Ugaba or True's. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Peter New)
  • Jetlin: A black and red supercar. Master of martial arts, Jetlin is exceptionally skilled in fencing and swordplay, his wind-cutting "Jet Sword Wave" being his trump card. An efficient-but eccentric individual, Jetlin wields a scepter in combat, and severely lacks in driver's knowledge despite excelling in swordsmanship. Jetlin's animation model was recolored into Hydro Jetlin (nicknamed Hyren), a blue and white hydrogen-powered recolor that wields a water cannon. Hyren was only featured in a short animation in 2020 for the department of the environment. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Rodger Craig Smith)
  • King Guys: A large red, black and yellow carbot that - ironically for his name-type - turns into a trio of robotic animals. King Guys is unique in that his voice changes depending on his beast mode, which include an unrealistic lion, eagle and shark. His overall tone is calm and authoritative. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Dale Wilson)

Season 4[]

  • Super Patron: The combined form of Patron, Skid, Leaf and Dire. Armed with Dire X's weapons and Patron's Victory Stick, Super Patron is one of the strongest in the carbot numbers.
    • Patron S: The combined form of Skid and Patron. He retains Skid's super speed and Patron's arsenal.
      • Skid: A blue police SUV. Full of bravado and overconfidence, Skid may come off as pretentious and troublesome, but he's a charming friend nonetheless. Skid's primary ability is his super speed, but he also features a sun-like laser beam that fires from his visor. He forms the chest and back of Patron S and Super Patron. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Kevin Schon)
      • Patron: A large yellow school bus. Speaking with prudence and truth, he has a tendency to analyze a situation. He adheres to rules and principles to a T and gently admonishes those who do not. Patron mainly attacks with his Victory Stick, a large staff that generates bubbles to contain the enemy. He is also armed with blasters on his forearms. Patron forms the base of Patron S and the upper body and arms of Super Patron. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Andrew Francis)
    • Dire X: The combined form of Dire and Leaf. He retains Dire's arsenal and equips Leaf's flight pack as a crossbow.
      • Leaf: A white and red ambulance. The second female carbot introduced, Leaf is lively and amiable has the instinct to go about like a news reporter. She'll be the first to strike up a conservation among friends. Leaf sports a flight pack that allows her extended flight, and can fire a series of green lasers from her visor. She forms the chest and back of Dire X and much of Super Patron's lower torso, while her flight pack becomes a crossbow weapon for both combinations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Kristen Wiig)
      • Dire: A large red turntable ladder truck. Dire is manly and can't wait for things to stifle slowly, so he tends to jump conclusions and finish other's words. Or quickly surmise the situation. Dire is equipped with water cannons in his shoulders and his ladder can thrust for extended reaching. Dire forms the base of Dire X and the lower body and legs of Super Patron. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Dane Cook)

Season 5[]

  • Hyper Buildion: The combined form of Proud, Jestie, Crane, Duke, Starby and Blaster. He retains Starblaster's arsenal and Proud Jet's telekinesis, and gains Duke and Crane's additional tools.
    • Buildion: The combined form of Proud Jet and Starblaster. He is armed with Starblaster's drills and cannons while also retaining Proud Jet's skillset, plus the added ability to produce electric beams from his horns.
      • Proud Jet: The Combined form of Proud and Jestie. Jestie allows the combination to fire lasers, while Proud allows the combination to use telekinetic powers.
        • Jestie: An orange humvee with yellow side panels. Jestie is quick-witted and fast on his feet, always willing to lend a hand. He forms the torso and head to the Proud Jet and the Buildion formations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Reece Thompson)
        • Proud: A large red dump truck. Lacking a robot mode of his own, Proud makes up for it by being able to portal through supplies the job may need. He is always jolly and easy to please, and never skimps on the chance to help or flatter a friend. Proud can still convert into a humanoid shape, but by himself is still missing a head and torso. He forms the external skeleton of Proud Jet and the Buildion formations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Richard Newman)
      • Starblaster: The combined form of Starby and Blaster. Starby grants the fusion a pair of dual shoulder blasters, while Blaster allows the combination to use drill-based combat skills.
        • Starby: A green bulldozer. The third female carbot introduced, Starby is witty, determined and always seeing the funny side of things. This makes her the opposite of Blaster, who tends to be serious in most of his jobs. Starby possesses super strength in vehicle mode, and forms Starblaster's head and torso, and the shoulder cannons for both Starblaster and the Buildion formations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Rachel Ramras)
        • Blaster: A large blue half-track subterrene with twin drills. Blunt and Serious, Blaster rarely acts out of character, and doesn't take well to being played like a fool. despite this, he has a decent sense of humor, and like Proud, can form an incomplete humanoid form despite lacking a full robot mode. He also possesses nearly unmatched tunneling abilities and can fire lasers from his drills. Blaster forms the outer skeleton and chestplate of Starblaster and the horns and limb extensions of the Buildion formations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Sam Vincent)
    • Crane: A yellow rough terrain mobile crane. Crane prides himself on being an expert fisherman, and enjoys any allowed chance to prove himself. Crane's left arm is formed from his boom in vehicle mode, allowing him to employ it's cable as a whip or grappling hook. He forms Hyper Buildion's left shoulderpad and left heel. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Jeff Bennett)
    • Duke: A green excavator. Duke is known to many as an artist, and he expresses himself in sculpting statues and other works of art. He speaks with a notable French accent when he admires something. Duke's right arm is formed from his boom in vehicle mode, allowing him to employ it as a claw or catapult. He forms Hyper Buildion's right shoulderpad and right heel. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Lucas Gilbertson)
  • Beatrun: A navy blue and maroon dune buggy with white and cyan flames and a pair of blasters. Beatrun is a laid-back shootout specialist excelling in the fine art of sharpshooting, and typically voices his sentences in rhymes or rapping. His twin blasters fire in rapid bursts and shoot blue fireballs that are high in heat. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Brian Dobson)
  • Megabold: A large orange cargo truck with a yellow hood. Megabold is proud and witty, and often has bouts of bravado that quickly fade away the moment something goes wrong. Capable of analyzing music, Megabold can also produce it in accurate instrument tones. Megabold also has a large cannon on his chest, which can fire a powerful laser when fully charged. As a slight running gag, a few times where he has to transform, Megabold will need someone else to pry him apart to do so. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Adam Hunter)
  • Evan Prime: The first magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Evan and Moba. Evan, the single tone blue car, forms the combination's upper half and is the dominant personality, while Moba, the two-tone blue car, forms the lower half. Both are highly spirited with justice, and do anything to save the day. Evan Prime has super speed and uses an ice-based skillset, most prominently a sword sheathed in solid ice.
  • Dragonix: The second magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Lago and Pump. Lago, the female yellow van, forms the combination's upper half and takes over the head on the left, while Pump, the male orange jeep, forms the lower half and takes over the head on the right. Lago is generally ladylike and uses a fire-based skillset, while Pump is gentlemanly and uses water. Both can combine their abilities into a dragon breath twister.
  • Armor Dais: The combined form of King Dais and Armor Force. Armor Dais combines Armor force's weaponry with King Dais' power, making him a powerful carbot to deal with.
    • King Dais: An orange, black and red carbot who is the second after King Guys to transform into nothing but animals, his set being an elephant and a dragon. King Dais comes off as more eccentric and brutish compared to King Guys, commonly ending his sentences in a noticeably chant-like laugh. Unlike King Guys, King Dais has a combination function, forming the main body and wings of Armor Dais.
    • Armor Force: A green, yellow and black soldier-like carbot who acts as the right-hand man of King Dais. Armor Force is a typical soldier, specializing in espionage and carrying equipment not unlike that of a military officer, namely a nightstick, rifle and a set of binoculars. Unlike Prior carbots, Armor Force has two vehicle modes; a helicopter and a tank, the former of which can fire energy beams while the latter fires round sticky wads of adhesive. He forms the feet and back of Armor Dais. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Wally Wingert)
  • Metafalcon: The third magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Falcon and Flash. Falcon, the red van, forms the combination's upper half and is the dominant personality, while Flash, the red and yellow sports car, forms the lower half. Falcon is typically stoic, stubborn and stern, while Flash is easygoing and a bit of a prankster. Metafalcon excels in aerial speed and maneuverability, and uses a lightning-based skillset.
  • Autosonic: A red and orange off-road buggy resembling an F1 racecar. Autosonic is gentlemanly and honorific, and while quiet, is no slouch in combat, using twin swords that can be electrified. He can also combine his swords into a boomerang and excels at high speeds. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Nick Watt)
  • Mach: A blue off-road buggy. Mach is usually chatty and optimistic, referring to himself in third person multiple times. Mach's main abilities are his super speed and the ability to split himself and those combined with him into 8 identical clones. He forms the upper body in whatever combination he's involved in. (Korean voice actor: Jason Marsden)
  • Peace: A green humvee with twin sprayer tanks in his trunk. Peace is usually passive-aggressive and mainly quiet unless it comes to nature, and can spray a mix of chemicals to mark or heal trees. He forms the lower body in whatever combination he's involved in, while his spray tanks form a pair of hammers. (Korean voice actor: Jack McBrayer)
  • Brave: A red and black wildlife exploration truck with a turret that has twin water sprayers. Brave is usually calm and gentle, but when combined with Peace tends to be slightly aggressive. He possesses high intelligence, and can deduct a situation in seconds or notice several hidden clues thanks to several scanning sesors. He forms the upper body in whatever combination he's involved in. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Loud Diamond Phillips)
  • Road: A yellow bulldozer. Road is dimwitted but kind and can think when he needs to, but his main power is that his blade can magnetically manipulate any chosen object that has metal. He forms the lower body in whatever combination he's involved in, while his hydraulics form a pair of blasters that fire a sticky adhesive or other types of ammunition. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Vincent Tong)

Season 6[]

  • Iront: A large white, red and blue cargo truck. Iront is proud of his engineering skills, and to back him up he can temporarily stop time, though it is ineffective on a carbot or Chatan and talking ong. Iront is the first crew carrier carbot, meaning he transports 6 smaller robots who assist his endeavors by working on parts that would be too small for him to fix otherwise. Iront's animation model was recolored into Iront Electro, a white, cyan and blue electric-powered recolor who utilizes otherwise identical crew bots. Electro was only featured in a short animation in 2020 for the department of the environment. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Andrew Francis)
  • Converstar: A yellow and black Italian convertible. Converstar loves posing for the camera and is a bit of a showman, and he has a flying instant camera drone to match it. Converstar's slender body makes him incredibly fast and acrobatic, all while using his camera drone as a boomerang and sword. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Steve Carrell)
  • Luckypunch: A blue sports truck who can split into 2 separate robots. Punch, the gruff orange carbot, forms the front of the truck, while Lucky, the calm blue one, forms the back. Both wield large air cannons that shoot miniature twisters, though Punch prefers going hand-to-hand. Lucky and Punch can also combine into a larger robot, whose eccentric personality matches his almost magician-like skillset. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Daniel Riordan)
  • Inuke: A large red and white tandem rotor rescue helicopter. The first carbot to strictly turn into a type of aircraft, Inuke can appear cocky, but is determined in his mission to save lives, something that his advanced flight capabilities makes possible. After Iront, Inuke is the second carbot to be a crew carrier, coming with 5 smaller robots that specialize in search and rescue. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Brian Drummond)
  • Starpinner: A red, white and blue fighter jet. Cocky and Proud, Starpinner is extremely fast and maneuverable, and alongside his twin pistols, he has a chest cannon capable of heating clouds up until they evaporate or blowing out a spiral of air or energy. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Owen Wilson)

Season 7[]

  • Spinnable: An orange and black truck with what appears to be a red fidget spinner on his roof. Spinnable is reckless and goofy while also boastful, but can be put back on track should he drift off. Spinnable's main weapons are fidget spinner-like devices, his main red one and five others with the elements of lighting, fire, earth, water and air. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Hudson Yang)
  • Bodyguard: A black security car and Spinnable's stern comrade. He takes no-nonsense from Spinnable and as such shows extreme dislike to his antics. Bodyguard's main weapon is a chest-mounted claw that can extend for long reaches or act as a cannon barrel, letting him fire a strong laser beam. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Steve Blum)
  • Tero Prime: The fourth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Tero and Wind. Tero forms the upper half and dominant personality, while Wind forms the lower body. Tero Prime has super speed and energized claw slashes, with freezing ice breath to add to that.
  • Phoenix Prime: The fifth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Phoenix and Vball. Phoenix forms the upper half and dominant personality, while Vball forms the lower body. Phoenix Prime is armed with flight capabilities and fire breath.
  • Mirinae Prime: The sixth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Mirinae and Live. Mirinae, the soft-spoken white car, forms the front and dominant personality, while Live, the talkative white and pink car, forms the back. Mirinae Prime can fire large pink energy spheres in addition to horse-style kicking.
  • Mugan Prime: The seventh magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Mugan and Sahan. Mugan forms the upper body and dominant personality, while Sahan forms the lower body. Mugan Prime's main abilities include breathing fire and a form of hypnosis.
  • Mediant: A red and white ambulance. Mediant speaks in a calm zen-like tone and is slightly eccentric and talkative, often talking for hours without stopping. He can fire lasers from his visor in addition to carrying a syringe that can fire energy beams. He is the third carbot to be a crew carrier, carrying 6 smaller robots specializing in medical treatment. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Darren Norris)
  • Pyrant: A red and white turntable ladder truck. Gruff and to the point and armed with water cannons on his ladder, Pyrant is the fourth crew carrier carbot, carrying 5 smaller robots specialized for firefighting and rescue operations. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Marc Thompson)
  • Kion Prime: The eight magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Kion and Pion. Kion forms the dominant personality and front half, while Pion forms the back half. Kion Prime is armed with various sonic roars and fire breath.
  • Venosa Prime: The ninth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Venosa and Shadow. Venosa forms the front half and dominant personality, while Shadow forms the rear half. Venosa Prime is stealthy and fast while able to spit venom.
  • Gargotos Prime: The tenth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Gargotos and Dark. Gargotos forms the dominant personality and upper body, while dark forms the lower body. Gargotos Prime can fire a spiral chest beam and wields a sword made out of stone that has rock-based powers.
  • Poison Tail Prime: The eleventh magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Poison Tail and Sting. Poison Tail forms the front half and dominant personality, while Sting forms the rear half. Poison Tail Prime can fire an electric stinger blast and is exceptionally quick.
  • Unicruiser: A red, black and gold crew-bot style carbot that wears a red and white helmet with a green visor (known as Pilot Crew). He flies on a blue, black, white and gold jet that can combine with a red, white, blue, black, yellow and green robot body that acts as a giant armored suit. Unicruiser is chirpy and jovial, but doesn't take too kindly to those who expect him to be larger. The armored Unicruiser is armed with a large sword and shield and can fire his forearms as rocket projectiles. His additional weapons include twin double-barreled shoulder cannons and a large axe made from combining his hand-held weapons. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Trey Parker)
  • Jetcruiser: A red, blue and white crew-bot style carbot (known as Crew Aero) that flies a blue, black, white and gold jet that can combine with a red, white, blue, black and gold robot body that acts as a giant armored suit. Jetcruiser is always ready to assist, and enjoys helping others. The armored Jetcruiser can fire his forearms as rocket projectiles and is armed with a black, white and gold sword that can turn into a bow that fires energy arrows. Despite being introduced in Season 7, Jetcruiser was marketed as a Season 8 carbot. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Ty Osslon)
  • Ricops: A black police armored transport truck with twin water cannons. Ricops is proud and cocky, and follows justice to a T, but is still able to be humored. Ricops wields a pair of nightsticks that double as taser guns and can combine into a large staff, and he also carries a robot-sized pair of handcuffs. His tasers retain their water cannon functions in robot mode. He is the fifth carbot to be a crew carrier, and carries 6 smaller robots that specialize in infantry and investigation. Despite being introduced in Season 7, Ricops was marketed as a Season 8 carbot. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Neil Kaplan)
  • Angry Puff: A black, white, silver and orange cement mixer. Angry Puff is loud and boisterous, and enjoys talking to others or helping those in need. Angry Puff carries a blaster that can shoot concrete or double as a hammer with a drill, and has a launcher in his torso that enlarges or multiplies what he loads inside it. It can also fire a random assortment of ammunition. Angry Puff is also a crew carrier, but unlike the past five, he only has one crew bot known as Crew Worker. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Justin Roiland)

Season 8[]

  • Griphinx Prime: The twelfth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Griffin and Sphinx. Griffin, the white car, forms the upper half, while Sphinx, the red and purple car, forms the rear half and dominant personality. Gryphinx Prime can manipulate gravity to mystical levels.
  • Disc Cannon Prime: The thirteenth magnetic carbot fusion, formed from Disc Cannon and Launcher. Disc Cannon, the quieter one, forms the upper half and dominant personality, while Launcher, the louder of the two, forms the rear half. Disc Cannon Prime can fire a variety of special projectile discs, all with extreme precision and accuracy.
  • Technomaster: A blue and white futuristic hypercar. Technomaster is well known for his tendencies to be almost blindly cheerful, and firmly believes in the positive aspects of life. He is armed with a double-barreled turret in vehicle mode that becomes a twin-barreled blaster in robot mode, which also doubles as a boomerang, handheld blade and crossbow. The weapon mainly uses electric attacks, though aside from this, Technomaster has high intellect and is quick and agile. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: David Lodge)

Season 9[]

  • Powercruiser: A black, orange, silver, white and gold robot armed with a multitude of clear blue drills and sawblades. The third of the carbot cruiser units, Powercruiser is jovial-yet-determined, very confident in his abilities due to his strength and his armaments. Powercruiser wields a long pole that can fire lasers, and unlike Jetcruiser or Unicruiser, his personality is separate from his internal crew bot, known as Crew Power. Said crew bot is chirpy and slightly more youthful than Powercruiser, and uses an arrangement of the larger carbot's armaments to augment himself with a flight pack or simply to form additional drone vehicles. Crew Power also wields a toy squeaky hammer that is colored in red, blue, and yellow. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Ian Hanlin)
  • Moban: A black, blue, silver, white, yellow and red robot armed with a pair of blasters. Moban is formed by Laser, a small blue car forming his main personality and core, and Laser Cargo, a larger blue, white, silver, black and red armored vehicle with particularly horse-like behavior. Moban can change between a wheeled, rapid transit intermediate form, or a more combat-ready robot configuration, which is armed with 2 different laser blasters. His overall conscience is confident, proud and cocky. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Jason Simpson)
  • Ultimax: A black, orange, silver, green, yellow and red robot armed with robotic arms. Ultimax is formed by Jungler, a small yellow SUV forming his main personality and core, and TMP, a larger yellow, orange, silver, black and red exploration truck with twin robotic arms. Jungler is both proud and confident, traits which carry over with Ultimax, while TMP is more reserved. TMP also has the ability to transform into a tyrannosaurus robot mode, which gives him more mobility and the power to breathe fire, which as Ultimax fires out of his chest. Ultimax is armed with TMP's robotic arms, one tipped with a rotating grabber arm and the other a drill that also doubles as a knife. He is overall built for wildlife missions, animal wrangling and wilderness outings. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Chris Pratt)

Season 10[]

  • Guardiant: The guardian deity of justice protecting the town of Chatan. However, thescale is small because it is to protect the neighborhood rather than to protect the earth . However, for the safety of children and the neighborhood, a style that never yields. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Bob Joles)
  • King Dozer:
  • Greenpam:
  • Phaser: The early adopter with the fastest robot Sonic boom, and the reassuring eldest Loader combine to form the “Giant Loader”. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Brent Miller)
  • Sonic Boom: The fastest robot Sonic boom with the early adopter Phaser, and the reassuring eldest loader combine to form the “Giant Loader”. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (Englisn voice actor: Matt Hill)
  • Loader: The reassuring eldest loader with the early adopter Phaser and the fastest robot Sonic Boom to combine to form the “Giant Loader”. (Korean voice actor: TBA) (English voice actor: Bob Joles)

Season 11[]

  • Max Dozer:
  • Night Hoper:
  • Red Weiler:
  • Juspos:
  • Bear Hider:
  • Eagle Hider:

Theme Song[]

The name of the original Korean intro of Hello Carbot is Secret Friends while the North American intro of Hello Carbot is One More Time Again, but English dubbed from the original Tobot Season 14 intro by Ocean Media Group.


Korean: 악당들에게 타이어를 날려(whoo!) 정의의 사나이 카봇 에이스 날쌘돌이 까칠한 성격(yeah!) 누구보다 빠르지 카봇 호크 개구쟁이 사고뭉치 엉뚱한 생각 카봇 스카이 뮈든지 고쳐주는 카봇 프론 에너지를 나눠줘 카봇 댄디 헬로 헬로 나의 친구 카봇 우리들의 용감한 친구 언제나 위험할 때 큐브를 돌려 봐요 헬로 헬로 카봇 카봇 너무너무 좋아 너무너무 멋있어 헬로 헬로 카봇 카봇 우리들의 비밀 로봇 자동차 카봇 무슨 일이 생길 때면 (헬로) 언제든지 불러 봐요 (헬로) 나쁜 악당 물리치는 (헬로) 헬로 헬로 카봇.

Hangul: Blowing the tires at the bad guys (whoo!) The man of justice Carbot Ace. A nimble and naughty personality (yeah!) faster than anyone Carbot Hawk. Mischievous thinking Carbot Sky. All-around Carbot Pron. Sharing energy Carbot Dandy. Hello Hello my friend Carbot. Our brave friend. Always turn the cube when it's in danger. Hello (Hello) Carbot (Carbot) I love it so much It's so cool. Hello (Hello) Carbot (Carbot) Our secret Robot Car Cabot. Call me whenever something happens (hello) Bad villain Physics Chi (hello) Hello Hello Carbot.

English/North American: Look away, I'm there even if you're not by my side. I can feel that we are together. I'm not afraid you are by my side any difficulties we can get over it fly higher and higher. You will see a wider world with me 1, 2, 3, 4 Let's Go! We're going together Even if it is hard and difficult (Carbot) If with you, you can get over it Even if I fall and shake sometimes Don't let go of my hand (Carbot) Let's hold our hands firmly and run once more.

Ending Song[]

The ending theme song has Once More Time Again but instrumental with the cast, crew, voices, lightings, directors and writers.


The Season 1 episodes lack Title Cards. Season 2 features Chatan on Ace's shoulder. Season 3 has Chatan on Mighty Guard's hand. Season 4 featured Chatan with K-Cops, while Hyper Buildion took the position in early Season 5. Armor Dais was featured in the second half. The Season 6 episodes featured Iront, while Unicruiser took the Season 7 cards. Jetcruiser was featured for the Season 8 cards before Pentastorm X took his place in the next season, .

Season 1[]

  1. My Friend! Hello Carbot
  2. Family Travel
  3. Save the Go!
  4. What Happened at the Campground
  5. The War Against Mosquitoes
  6. What Happened in a Car Theatre
  7. Take Care of My House!
  8. Catch Sonya
  9. Save the Universe!
  10. Defend the 10th Statue
  11. What Happened on a Snowy Day
  12. Protect the Dinosaur Bone
  13. What Happened at Kids Park
  14. What Happened at the Zoo
  15. The Hero of the City
  16. What Happened at the Bank
  17. The Carbot Becomes an RC Car
  18. Mother's Forgetfulness
  19. Save the Submarine!
  20. Dinosaurs Are Alive
  21. Urban Gossip
  22. Children's Police Camp
  23. The Birth of Penta Storm
  24. Stop the Copper Copper!
  25. What Happened on the Han River
  26. Stop Meteorite

Season 2[]

  1. Firework
  2. Baduk's First Love
  3. Chocolate Bukkake
  4. Goblin Fire
  5. Save the Fox
  6. Find the Toy Robot
  7. The Memory of the Lost Hawk
  8. Creepy Cave Secret
  9. Cicada Crying
  10. What Happened on a Rainy Day
  11. Stop the Space Pirates
  12. It's Difficult to Care for a Baby
  13. The Wind Stops
  14. Confrontation with the Paris Robot
  15. What Happened at a Picnic
  16. What Happened in an Island Village
  17. Needs a Soccer Field
  18. What Happened on the Ranch
  19. Meister's Carbot Camp
  20. Roadsaver's Birth
  21. Show the Magic
  22. Take an angry sign
  23. Stop Carnivorous Plants
  24. Manito Cabot
  25. Space Pirate Attack Part 1
  26. Space Pirate Attack Part 2

Season 3[]

  1. Save the Sea!
  2. Finding Treasures
  3. One pair of socks and one pair of shoes
  4. Stop Forest Fire
  5. Teacher's blind date
  6. Save the Nopara Building
  7. The Naughty Ugaba
  8. Eliminate Bad Foods
  9. Run Thunder
  10. The appearance of K-Cops
  11. Carbot Part-time
  12. Find the Puppy
  13. What Happened on the Moon
  14. Stop Drought
  15. The Lost City Gas
  16. Please Clean
  17. Flying Carbot Goldrex
  18. I Love You Saber
  19. The Secret of Thunder
  20. Moorim's Master Zetren
  21. The Baseball King, Chatan
  22. The Legendary King Guys
  23. What Happened at the Lake
  24. Don't Write Bad
  25. What Happened in Sculpture Park

Season 4[]

  1. What happened in the tunnel
  2. Find my mom
  3. Chef K-Cops
  4. Take care of the whale
  5. Saturn Exploration Robot Saplor
  6. What Happened in a Dream
  7. Laugh virus
  8. What happened in the Quiz contest
  9. Mom's Notebook
  10. What happened at the Toy fair
  11. Chatan's gourd
  12. Baby, just wait
  13. The day the Quokka came
  14. I believe in my father
  15. Ugaba has changed
  16. The appearance of Q-Line
  17. A genuine masterpiece
  18. Happening in the shooting set
  19. Catch the monster
  20. Help the salmon
  21. Spider + Rope + Descend
  22. Drone sandwich
  23. Mysterious board game
  24. I want to play in the water
  25. Crisis monorail
  26. Rainbow of love

Season 5[]

  1. Farming is hard
  2. Find the delivery box
  3. He is farting
  4. Find the corn
  5. Take care of your cat
  6. Tue-Please cook
  7. I have an ice mountain
  8. Cleaning day
  9. Jesty the lamp fairy
  10. Fishing king Cran
  11. What happened at the mountaineering competition
  12. Build a sand castle
  13. What happened in the mine
  14. Traditional games olympic games
  15. What happened on the night of the night
  16. Save the white sphere
  17. Save the crane
  18. Prevent stomach upset
  19. Please take a fox house
  20. What happened at the ski resort
  21. I need a leg!
  22. Chatan has changed
  23. Little male bear and friends
  24. I want to lose weight
  25. I hate to do anything
  26. Jiangxi appeared
  27. Save the elephant
  28. Protect my mom
  29. Giant dragonfly
  30. What happened at the drone competition
  31. Find the pyramid
  32. Grandmother's house
  33. Please dry the weather
  34. Lucky clover
  35. Chilli Chilli! E line
  36. The watermelon is delicious
  37. Old room of love
  38. Mom's Bed and Breakfast
  39. Please take a back mountain
  40. Static electricity
  41. Protect the forest
  42. Detective Chatan
  43. Swap pairs
  44. Crow's Revenge
  45. Stay triangle
  46. Protect the torch
  47. Skiing and sledding in the desert
  48. Shopping Madness!
  49. Life without internet…?!
  50. Preserve the Heritage!
  51. Suji's Dream

Season 6[]

  1. Repair My Dad's Car!
  2. I want to see a puppet show
  3. Pinocchio Snacks!
  4. Gotta save up!
  5. Strong wind
  6. I need cabbage
  7. Legendary giant statue
  8. Catch me
  9. Fly electric plane
  10. What happened at the children's hospital
  11. Beat the goblins
  12. Save Sky Rap
  13. Rescue carbot
  14. Stop the hail
  15. Guests from Antarctica
  16. Modeled Mom
  17. Save the baby deer
  18. Find the traffic light
  19. Cargo ship is dangerous
  20. Ghost Airplane
  21. Play War
  22. Carbot protecting the Earth
  23. What happened in the North Pole
  24. Carbot Crew Best
  25. Save the transport dolphin
  26. Please catch Kaito